25 Best Drone Instagram Accounts of 2017

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The 25 Best Drone Instagram Accounts of 2017

We’re following some of the best drone Instagram accounts in the world and think that you should too. People from all over the planet are sharing incredible, unique drone pictures from angles that have never been seen before. It’s really an incredible time to be alive and see our world in such a new light. We’ve been tracking a ton of great accounts since 2016 and want to share the very best 25 with you!

There’s no #1 best account of all time, and the order of ranking doesn’t really matter. What matters is that exploration and evaluating each artist is completely up to your preference. We broke our review down by the best individual, aggregator, and up & coming stars.

We included this handy key to help you understand the format. Be sure to use the @ jump links below if you want to skip to a favorite…now let’s go!

Top 15 Best Individual Drone Photographers

Lavender Harvest | Puimoisson, France

Jérôme Courtial‘s bright and sunny aerial take on the world brings us to faraway destinations like London, Laos, Dubai, and Italy. He’s very good at using light to showcase vibrant color differences, which shows in everything from drone pictures of fields to far away temples. We never know where he’s at in the world, which makes following him like following a few accounts in one! You’ll be sure to get a refreshing fix of nature, shoreline, and mountain dronography by linking up with @jcourtial and the adventures of his DJI Phantom 4.You can find more of Jérôme’s professional work at http://jcmtagency.com

Our favorite drone picture of his features a colorful seaside Italian villa. See if you can find it!

Jérôme Courtial



Phantom 4

Harbin Opera House | Harbin, China

Guangzhou, China based photographer @NK7 is a hard one to track down. If you manage to get beyond the anonymous moniker, you’ll have to contend with city-hopping, building-scaling, and keeping up with international escapades to Europe and beyond.

Fortunately, you can follow along  as they capture incredible architecture, dizzying cityscape heights from questionably legal areas, and excellent light composition. Thanks to @NK7’s brilliant work done with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, we’ve come to appreciate the complexity, beauty, and scale of China in a way that we didn’t know before…just one of the many reasons that @NK7 is hands-down one of our favorite urban drone photographers of all time! You can see more of @NK7’s work at http://www.nkchu.com/




Phantom 4 Pro

A Very Chilly Forest | Lapland, Finland

Not many drone pilots are brave enough to tackle a little cold-weather flying, let alone thrive in it! Meet Tiina Törmänen, an engaging and adventurous photographer from Finnish Lapland. Her profile is full of powdery escapades to experience and capture wonders like the Northern Lights. She’s a fantastic ambassador for our friends who live in colder places and isn’t scared to showcase the beauty of snow & ice. Tiina uses a DJI Phantom 4 to get most of the aerial shots we’ve been accustomed to seeing. We especially love her work because we get to stay warm and cozy while scrolling through the pictures…

One of our favorite pictures features an arctic pup silhouette…can you find it? Let us know what you think! You can find more of Tiina’s work at http://www.tiinatormanen.com/

Tiina Törmänen

Finnish Lapland


Phantom 4

St. Catherine's Cathederal |St. Petersburg, Russia

Known to many as just “dronegirl” or “Arina”, @airrisha is the undisputed drone queen of St. Petersburg, if not all of Russia! She continues to fascinate us with the detail and framing of the many cathedrals in her home city. You’ll find everything from fireworks to drones on leashes in her account, which has grown like wildfire in the past year.

Arina’s account will help you see the intricate, colorful beauty hiding in the eaves of Russia’s cultural capital. She uses a DJI Phantom 4 and seems to be just getting started…we can’t wait to see what she does next. Fortunately she’s sharing her journey with the world and it’s easy as following her at @airrisha!

Our favorite picture of hers involves a dreamscape colored, riverside fireworks celebration…can you find it? What’s your favorite?


Arina (?)



Phantom 4

Highway on Mars | Sedona, Arizona

Dirk Dallas is everywhere. As a drone photographer, designer, and educator, you’ve probably seen some of his work and not even known it. Known in the community for his moniker “#fromwhereidrone”, Dirk is a talented aerial and land-based photographer with a huge following. We think you’ll love the balance of his account’s nature photography, from rocky Oregon coastlines to an overview of San Francisco’s winding Lombard street. If nothing else, you’ll be impressed by his sheer volume of quality work alone…you’re guaranteed to find something you like.

If you want to take drone videos and pictures like Dirk (and learn how to do some crafty editing too) you can find his free Lightroom tutorial over at www.fromwhereidrone.com ! Our favorite photo of his features a pair of surfers on a deserted beach. Can you find it?

Dirk Dallas

Southern California


Phantom 4 / Mavic Pro

Las Coloradas | Yucatán, Mexico

One of the most unique drone Instagram accounts around, Reuben Wu of @itsreuben brings a different perspective than most aerial photographers. As a music producer (co-founder of Ladytron), filmmaker, and photographer, Reuben stays busy with client work from the likes of GE, IBM, and Apple. He can be found in some of the most remote, Dr. Seuss-eqsue, sci-fi locations of the world, like the 10,000 mirrors of SolarReserve in Nevada or the brightly colored sea salt deposits of Las Coloradas, Yucatan. His account is a refreshing balance of unusual color, environmental technology, and shapely landscapes which makes for an excellent addition to anyone’s daily IG lineup. You can find out more about Reuben and his travel drone photography, directing, and music over at www.reubenwu.com

P.S. Our favorite photo features a white dress in a bubblegum pink lake…what’s your favorite?

Reuben Wu

Planet Earth


Phantom 4 Pro

Mountain Waterfall | Iceland

Vadim Sherbakov, or @madebyvadim is a creative force to be reckoned with. As a Moscow-based art director, interactive web designer, brand ambassador, drone travel photographer, and producer (phew!), you’re just as likely to find him behind the judges table as you are in front of one. Vadim has a great talent for showing scale, whether it’s by framing a mountain-encircled farm just right or highlighting the grandeur and immense presence of cities and monuments alike. We think you’ll love the way he combines astrophotography, long exposure, and dramatic weather to showcase some of the most amazing places on earth.

Vadim has a great attitude about aerial photography, too. He uses the Phantom 3 Pro in his video production, partially to prove that you don’t need the latest and greatest drone to make truly amazing and engaging content (You can read an interview with Vadim about his philosophy here!) We recommend that you check out his post-production tutorial and www.vadimsherbakov.com for more about his work. In the meantime, his videos “Vindur” and “Icarus” shouldn’t be missed:

Vadim Sherbakov



Phantom 3 Pro

Solitude | Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Ananya Ray is going to make you feel very small today. You’ll find that her excellent aerial photos play with the concept of scale and size in creative ways. By referencing a familiar person or animal in the context of a grand background, she can give the viewer a perspective that’s hard to otherwise gain from a tiny mobile screen. Her drone portfolio has the power to transport you (if only for a minute) to exotic locales like Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and New Zealand. Being based in Alberta, Canada, she’s also the perfect candidate for taking the lens to unbelievable national parks like Banff, Jasper, and Elk Island!
We’re always excited to see the new work that Ananya is putting out because it keeps getting better. We think she’s an awesome addition to your daily drone feed!

Ananya Ray




Urban Urchin | Karaiskaki Square, Athens, Greece

Classically trained and self-described as “pattern obsessed”, Kostas Spathis has one of the most interesting & best drone Instagram accounts out there. His account revolves around the deliberate selection of shapes and geometries to frame up unique shots. He uses anything from super high aerial city views to the patterns on the floors beneath our feet to create innovative and fresh drone photography. If you’re in the minimal design crowd, you’ll appreciate his penchant for black & white, highlighting selective splashes of color to make photos stand out.

Kostas’s design blog features modem & minimal architecture work, sketches, and some of his favorite links. We recommend that you take a look for yourself over at https://www.kostasspathis.wordpress.com !

Kostas Spathis




Mona Vale Beach | Sydney, Australia

The man behind some of Instagram’s most popular drone work, Sydney-based Gabriel Scanu is just getting started. You’ll see him travel all over the diverse Australian landscapes, covering rocky coastlines, vast deserts, and sheer cliffs with his Phantom 4.He specifically seeks out busy scenes with people, natural elements, and a lot of action…much like a bird looking for prey! Hopefully in the future, you’ll probably see him working on his own Icelandic drone mission…we can’t wait to check it out!

I recommend that you check out this in-depth interview with @fromwhereidrone to learn more about Gabriel, his process, and what drives him to create. You can find more of his professional and gallery work at www.gabscanu.com

Gabiel Scanu



Phantom 4

Untitled | Guangzhou, China

Some people despise the urban jungle…@other.1 thrives in it. Located in drone photography hotspot Guangzhou, China, @other.1 and his Phantom 3 Pro float from rooftop to rooftop, dangling precariously over ledges as they go. Roads, bridges, and sprawling infrastructure connections are a main theme you’ll see throughout this drone account. @Other.1 is great about engaging with his followers, so be sure to send him a shout out on one of his new posts!

Our favorite pictures of his feature a super moon and a tron-inspired criss-cross…which ones do you like best?




Phantom 3 Pro

Nanyang Techincal University | Singapore

21 year-old art director / photographer / videographer Lee Yik Keat (@leeyikkeat) is an up and coming drone talent you’re not going to want to miss. Featuring incredible designs, architecture, and the bright urban vibrancy of Singapore, Lee combines subtle yet intentional color correction with well-framed aerials to great effect. Lee’s work is multi-faceted, meaning you’ll be treated to street photography with anything from smiling locals at work/play, to sci-fi light portals and buildings that look like code glitches (see his pic of Mahanakhon tower!). We’re excited to see where Lee is going next, having already highly developed his portfolio aesthetic!

Connect with Lee over at his Facebook page and take a second to check out his latest video, “SINGAPORE | FROM ABOVE” for an idea of why Lee made it to the best drone Instagram account top 15 list!

Lee Yik Keat



Phantom 4

Tailing Pond | Perth, Australia

OK…so this isn’t a drone-specific account, but we think it deserves a top spot anyways! Abstract aerial artist Scott McCook is going to blow your mind and make you think differently about our planet. It’s easy to see that Scott puts a lot of thought and care into the presentation and composition of his earthly abstracts. From mineral deposits to coral coasts, wavy fields to pink lakes, you’ll find bold, new perspectives with Scott’s Instagram account. Scott is able to get a much larger field of view in his pictures due to the higher heights of his aircraft, however, you’re *technically* able to be 400ft above a covered structure (in the US) so you *could* push the limits within reason 😉

All of Scott’s work is available in print form.  Go pick up a sweet abstract aerial by sending him a note over on his Facebook.

Scott McCook



Manned Aircraft

Planet Earth

@Airpixels, the instagram moinker of one known to the world only as “Tobias“, is certainly one of the best drone instagram accounts in the world. If you appreciate curated photography, where every picture is a stunner, you’re going to love the jagged,bright details and light play in Tobias’s work. He’s very adept at using aerial photography to highlight new angles of the curvature and organic lines all over our planet. Some of the first drone picture trends started with @airpixels, specifically one of our favorites, the Red Lagoon shot from early 2016. @airpixels is setting the standard for high quality, edited drone photography and Tobais is only getting better from here.

If you want to edit up your pictures like Tobias, check out his Lightroom preset pack or head over to the printshop for some sweet physical prints!




Inspire 1 Pro

99 Bend Road | Zhangjiajie, China

We had the pleasure of finding Hong Kong based Instagram sensation, Elaine Li through the account comments of another one of our top drone photographers, @nk7. Beginning her journey with a digital camera from her father at the age of 12, Elaine brings a diverse perspective from the many subjects and places she’s lived (like Chicago, San Francisco, and Melbourne) As a woman of many talents, Elaine is a full time creative art director that shoots travel, urban exploration, portrait, and street photography in her free time.

We love her account because she keeps followers on their toes with a variety of shots from street portraits of monkeys to sweeping drone aerials of fast-moving city landscapes. Her work is carefully and intentionally edited, ensuring that care is taken to preserve the authenticity of the shots. You’re going to enjoy the way she uses light and contrast to make both street and rooftop level shots pop off your screen. We don’t know what her next project is, but our guess is that it’s going to be big and it’s going to involve some kickass exotic travel. What could be better?

Be sure to read (and more importantly, see!) more of Elaine’s work over at Elaine.Li. We recommend looking into the interviews she’s done with HAYO and INK361 for more of her interesting backstory.

Elaine Li



Mavic Pro

Top 10 Up and Coming Drone Photographers

Mount Aso | Kyushu, Japan

Tokyo/Kyushu based @SUPERIDOLJP is one of our favorite creative jack-of-all-trades in the aerial photography world. As a marketing strategist, director, photographer, videographer, and DJ/VJ, @SUPERIDOLJP is always on the move in Japan. Fortunately, we’ve been able to keep up and found out about their award-winning video “Beauty of Kyushu: Flight Across Southern Japan”, which is definitely worth your while. You’ll find lots of lifestyle photos from both ground and sky, with ancient shrines, modern urban life, and some choice sunsets in-between.

You can find out more about @SUPERIDOLJP at www.superidol.jp. Our favorite picture features an old shrine, and an even older (famous) mountain…which of their photos catch your eye?




Phantom 4 / Mavic Pro

Rest after Training | Dubai, UAE

Joining our esteemed group from the nation “down under”, Sydney, Australia based Irenaeus Herok (@iherok) deserves to be in your Instagram lineup. Featuring rarely seen angles of shifting sand dunes, desert oases, and crystal clear waters, @iherok’s gallery has a refreshing balance of wet and dry to it. We’re big fans of the way he portrays curious man-made creations, like his popular photo of a fresh, new road that leads to nowhere in the middle of the desert. Every once in a while, you’ll even catch a glimpse of some wandering wildlife, from goats to camels to oryxes!
If you’re interested in more work from @iherok (including landscape, architecture, and portraiture), head over to www.iherok.com and give him a shout out!

Irenaeus Herok



Phantom 4

Ocean View |Maiden's Cove, South Africa

Hailing from South Africa, Gavin Pickford is a rising star in the drone photography world. Gavin specializes in top-down, intricate, detailed views of the rocky South African coastline. What amazes us is that his pictures are mostly taken with a DJI Phantom 2, which has since been discontinued. That means that you can get in the game just like Gavin with a Phantom 3 Standard this week! His photos are edited in Lightroom to bring out rich the earth shades and deep blues found all over the shore. If you like shots with plenty of curves, crevices, and details, this is a perfect account for you.

Careful though…if you’ve ever thought about visiting South Africa, following @gavman.18 is all the motivation you’re ever going to need to do it! You can find out more about Gavin and his drone photography at www.facebook.com/gavinpickfordphotography

Gavin Pickford

South Africa


Phantom 2 / GoPro Hero 4

Traffic | Chicago, USA

If drone Instagram accounts were stocks, we would be all-in and going long on @Razdood, the drone instagram account of Chicago-based Razvan Sera. With a Phantom 4 Pro in hand, Razvan hasn’t let the blustery weather stop him from getting some brilliant aerial photography of Chicago & Lake Michigan. He’s not scared to fly the bird in dense urban landscapes, which makes the quality and bravado of his urban drone photos hard to match. With expertly composed color balance, plenty of subject variety, and a bold appetite to get the right shot, you’ll enjoy keeping up, especially as it starts to warm up here in the next few months.

Treat yourself to a first-row seat to Chicago’s skyline (and hopefully, soon, beyond!) via drone by following @razdood … then head over to pick up one of his (actually affordable) aerial drone prints for yourself at www.razvansera.com

Razvan Sera



Phantom 4 Pro

Pirate Ship | Unknown

We love to see people develop their craft, and that’s exactly what Sydney, Australia based @out_droning has been doing over the past 6 months. Flying with a Phantom 4 Pro, @out_droning shows off refreshing ocean pools, immense water-spanning bridges, and massive container ships at their peak golden hour splendor. We’re very impressed by the development of his tone correction and color grading skills over the past several months, and we expect even better things to come in 2017!

If you dig any of his prints (hint: you will), then head over to @out_droning on Instagram and send him a message to pick up a print for you or a friend!


Sydney, Australia


Phantom 4 Pro

Shanghai Tower (632m) | Shanghai, China

As a mysterious rooftopper only known as @a.haha.h, he’s developed a reputation not for playing the game, but for changing the game rules themselves. One day you might find him casually show up on top of a massive Chinese skyscraper, drone and camera in tow. The next, you’ll see his first-person perspective as his dirty kicks dangle off an impossibly high downtown construction scene. His account is a living story, a constant mystery in which your mind races fill in the gaps between posts. With such an appetite for danger and a keen eye for city drone photography, we predict that @a.haha.h will keep us guessing all year long…





Devil's Tower| Wyoming, USA

There’s an old adage that goes, “Don’t judge an Instagram account by the size of it’s following”. That saying holds true for the up & coming work of @thefringelife, a drone Instagram account run by Reese Lassman. He isn’t afraid to try a bit of everything with water, forest, and mountain themed shots of his travels around the US in all seasons. He’s also one of the few that flies the sporty Inspire 1 Pro, which we’ve always wanted to try out ourselves! He’s got an upbeat mindset and a raw talent for aerial photography….keep your eyes on @thefringelife for big things in 2017.

You can find physical prints of Reese’s work over at www.etsy.com/shop/ReeseLassman

Reese Lassman



Inspire 1 Pro

South Haven Lighthouse | Michigan

Dark tones and muted colors are the signature sign of Chicago-based drone Instagram photographer Simeon Pratt. We love the way that his images have a way of intentionally drawing the viewer’s focus with light across each subject. Traveling with his Inspire 1 in tow, Simeon can be found across the world in places as far away as Iceland, Michigan, and Haiti! We’d love to see another global drone highlight reel from Simeon and think he’s posed to do big things in 2017!

If you’re interested in seeing more of Simeon’s work, his Vimeo channel showcases his travels abroad and at home. Check it out below!

Simeon Pratt



Inspire 1

Rust 3/3 | Cleveland, Ohio

An Ohio man at heart, Arizona-based Matt Donchess (@m_donch) is killing it with a mix of darkly toned street, aerial and urban photography. His latest drone video twists the perspective on an abandoned hospital and shows his unique style and flavor when it comes to aerials. You’ll enjoy his mix of abandoned building exploration, urban aerials, and expertly faded nature photography, especially the 3-part series style that he’s known to publish on Instagram. We think Matt is already a great talent and that his passion for his work is only going to improve the quality and quantity of the work he’s already putting out.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at his videography work and aerial portfolio when you get a second!

Matt Donchess



Phantom 3 Pro

Katahdin Stream | Baxter State Park

We have no idea why Phildelphia-based travel photographer and commercial filmmaker Will Strathmann doesn’t have more of an instagram following. His world travels take him from Thailand to New Hampshire, finding and capturing incredible events like: glowing bio-luminescent waters, scuba dives under archipelagos, color explosions of the fall leaf change in the Northeast, and and many more. We think you’ll find a refreshing splash of humanity in his pictures as the occasional hiking buddy or local family pops up to keep things real. With the help of his Phantom 3 Standard, Will takes on a variety of natural subjects that will keep you on your toes!

You can learn more about Will’s work and adventures at www.willstrathmann.com … check out his profile and let us know which picture is your favorite!

Take a Guess…



Phantom 3 Standard

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