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Best Quadcopter Under 100 Dollars: Top 5 Reviewed

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Top 5 Ranked: Best Quadcopter Under 100 Dollars

Investing in a quadcopter or drone is never too easy, especially when you’re a new drone enthusiast who is searching for an affordable yet good quality drone. With the vast variety of quadcopters available in the market, choosing the right one gets really difficult. Fortunately, aerial technology has advanced so that users can find the best quadcopter under 100 dollars if you know where to look. UAV cameras, safety systems, range, and battery life have all improved drastically over the last few years. To help you out, we’ve compiled a mega list to rank the best quadcopter under 100 dollars so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

5. UDI 818A HD

best quadcopter under 100 UDI 818A

The UDI U818A quadcopter is one the best drones for beginners. At $50, it is certainly deserving of it’s spot on the best quadcopter under 100 list. The drone is packed with some of the most exciting features and comes fully assembled inside the box.

The UDI 8181A is tailor-made for amateur drone pilots as it is very easy to operate and fly. Charge it for about two hours and the drone is ready for flying. It offers a flight time of around 9 minutes, however, this is much less in comparison to other cheap and beginner drones available in the market. On the plus side, this quadcopter is capable of resisting impacts and the extra buttons on the drone remote have been designed to aid its users in making their drone perform some of the most unbelievable stunts conveniently. With just a little practice you can make the drone perform difficult inversions and maneuvers.

If you are looking forward to make the most of your time with the drone, then we recommend getting extra batteries for flying the machine. The quad features an 720p HD camera (2MP, not the best pixel quality) that allows the drone operator to store videos as well as hundreds of images on its 4 GB SD card. The drone also offers FPV (first person view) through its remote that features an LCD display panel. Headless mode operation is included for additional ease of flying and control. The remote’s panel also features a remote battery life meter, throttle setting and a menu.

There just isn’t a quadcopter that can do everything the UDI 8181A can do for $50, period. If you have a $50 budget maximum, this drone will give you serious bang for your buck. Check out this review if you’re interested in doing some more research!

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    Price - $54.99

    Simply the best drone you can get for about $50.

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    Maximum Range - 300 Feet

    Decent amount of range for a first time user.

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    Flight Time - 9 Minutes

    Enough time to get up in the air and snap some quick pics or video!

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    Camera - 720P

    HD video capability, don’t expect to win any oscars with this film though.

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    Weight & Size

    This drone weighs 0.75 LBs and measures 13″ x 2.2″ x 12.3″”

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4. Blade Nano QX

Best quadcopter under 100 blade nano qx

If you’re specifically searching for a quadcopter that is fun to fly then don’t look any further than the Blade Nano QX. It is one of the best quadcopters for advanced level beginners. However, what really sets this drone apart from other quadcopters is its unique SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology. With this technology in place, flying a drone is much safer as the flyer is able to prevent crashes and also assist him/her during take offs.

By simply switching the drone to agility mode, drone enthusiasts can perform amazing stunts and fly the quad at high speeds. Thanks to the small size of the drone, one can easily fly in within the office or room. It also features a lightweight, tough airframe along with blade guards, which makes it easy to operate the quad. Besides, the drone’s powerful brushed motors offer powerful and smooth lift.

Carry the quad along with you almost anywhere and fly it in small or big spaces, depending upon your convenience and preference. Its highly sophisticated and efficient flight control software keeps the drone stable and any time you face problems you can easily switch to the SAFE mode and your Blade Nano QX will continue to hover all over again. The quad can be flown for around five to ten minutes after being fully charged and it takes close to forty minutes of time to fully charge the battery.

If you lack the confidence or expertise required for flying quadcopters, then invest in this drone as your first! It has a well deserved place on the best quadcopter under 100 list. You’ll feel more like a pro and your quad will easily be able to prevent crashes (which means more time for flying!) To see how far the price has dropped on this UAV, check out this dated review!

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    Price - $59.99

    Unique flight safety features make this a steal.

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    Maximum Range - 150 Feet

    Limited range keeps this drone close to home

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    Flight Time - 10 Minutes

    Enough to buzz around for a bit of fun

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    No Camera Included

    Notice to amateur filmmakers, this is not the drone for you

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    Weight & Size (Nano = Small!)

    This drone weighs .03 LBs and measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 2″

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3. Qcopter

Best quadcopter under 100 qcopter

At $79.95, the Qcopter is available in multiple colors and features LED lights, which makes it perfect for flying during civil twilight (read the FAA’s guidance on night time flying here or the AMA’s guidance here)

The quad offers a decent flight time of 15 minutes due to its 1100 mAh battery. Besides, the pack comes with 2 batteries, which means you can fly the gadget for nearly thirty minutes without the need for recharging it again and again. The drone also features a two mega pixel high-definition camera, which implies that this drone certainly offers great value for money and some of the most exciting features at a highly affordable price.

One thing the Qcopter does not include is FPV mode, which is not a huge deal for many first time pilots. The Qcopter features a detachable camera which can enable even more flying time per battery. The quad’s body is capable of resisting wind and is also fairly aerodynamic. Besides, its blades are carved from extremely flexible and high quality material, which offers excellent flight performance.

The quad’s transmitter features a small sized LCD screen, which allows its user to view the signal strength, power level as well as camera status and trim levels. The transmitter also feature buttons for switching the drone to headless mode, auto flipping and one button return.

The quad is good for beginners who do not have much drone flying experience. It is especially great for kids who want to have some fun time with their friends and family members. The combination of comparatively long flight time and low price means the Qcopter has earned the number 3 spot on the best quadcopter under 100 dollars list.

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    Price - $89.95

    An affordable price for pretty good aerial features

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    Maximum Range - 300 feet

    That’s about a football field in each direction!

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    Flight Time - 15 Minutes

    2 Batteries mean you’ll be flying for a while with this drone!

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    Camera - 2MP

    The camera recieved poor feedback from users who used it. Many replaced with an aftermarket model camera.

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    Weight & Size

    The weight is 1 LB and the frame is 15″ x 15″ x 4″

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Best Quadcopter Under 100 DBPower X400

Designed by the renowned Hawkeye Company, the DBPOWER X400W is a highly exciting and innovative quad available in the market. Also referred to as the Hawkeye-VII, the drone is packed with unique features that make it one of the trendiest and smartest drone’s in the world. With an optional add-on VR 3D headset, headless mode and amazing remote control capabilities, the quad is great for both beginners and accomplished quadcopter flyers.

What makes the quad truly exciting is its real time transmission capability. Simply connect any phone to the quad and you’ll be able to view all the images and videos directly through your handset. Its high capacity battery enables the user to control the quadcopter from a distance of around 100 meters (300 feet). This drone is quick and features a average camera that supports 720p video output. The DBPower X400 is undoubtedly an extremely user-friendly drone that offers a low cost FPV flying experience when used with VR goggles.

The quad encompasses a single 3.7V 750mAh battery, which can be easily charged within 120 minutes (2 hours). Once charged, you can easily fly the drone for around 8-9 minutes. If you’re really excited about flying this drone then make sure you purchase a minimum of three extra batteries to extend the flying time to around 25 minutes.

Its important to keep in mind that if you operate the quad at night then you’ll end up lowering its flight time to a large extent due to the lights on the quad. Thus, if you want to fly the drone for longer periods, then don’t forget to discharge its battery fully and recharge it later.

We recommend The DBPower X400 as a best quadcopter under 100 dollars mainly because its a great way to get into FPV flying. Just make sure you pick up a VR headset for the experience and check this video review if you want to see it in action!

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    Price - $79.99

    Definitely a best quadcopter under 100 dollars at this price!

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    Maximum Range - 300 Feet

    Great range for a drone in this tier.

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    Flight Time - 8 to 9 minutes

    Decent flight time for learning the ropes of drone piloting.

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    Camera - 720p

    Enough quality to share on social media!

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    Weight & Size

    The weight is 12.6 oz and the size is 12″ x 12″ x 3″

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1. Syma X5C

Best Quadcopter Under 100 Syma X5C

Our #1 recommended best quadcopter under 100 dollars is the Syma X5C (hint: it’s only about $57!). This drone is a steal for pilots who don’t want to invest in a very expensive drone and yet wish to enjoy their time flying a quadcopter with exciting features.

The quad is powerful enough to withstand light wind and comes with simple and easy to use controls. The drone features a 720p high-definition camera. The Syma X5C also packs a 4GB microSD card for efficient storage. The drone’s camera offers a good enough image quality, which can be conveniently viewed on the mobile phone. With a 3.7 volt 500mAh battery, you can fly the quadcopter for nearly 7 minutes. However, if you remove the landing gear, prop guards as well as the camera, you’ll get a couple of extra minutes.

The very low cost of the Syma X5C means that you can’t afford not to get into the drone game! What are you waiting for…get one here! Feel free to check it out in this video review if you need more evidence.

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    Price - $57

    WOW. Unbelievable price point for a drone like this…

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    Maximum Range - 150 feet

    It’s enough range for learning how to be an awesome pilot

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    Flight Time - 7 minutes

    Shorter end of the flight time spectrum

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    Camera - 720p, 2MP

    Good enough to get some memorable shots!

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    Weight & Size

    The weight is 0.2 LB and the dimensions are 16.5″ x 12.2″ x 3.8″

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