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Drones have gained a great deal of popularity in the past couple of years. From kids to grown-ups, everyone has a reason to get a drone whether it’s for fun or business. That’s precisely why drone manufacturers are producing innovative, exciting, and remarkable quadcopters with unique features at affordable prices. In this article we break down the top 5 list including the best quadcopter under 200 dollars so that you can make the best choice, whether it’s a gift for the holiday season or just one for you. These drones make great gifts for the first time drone user that wants a complete aerial experience without breaking the bank!

5. Parrot AR 2.0 Drone

best quadcopter under 200 Parrot AR 2.0

Parrot is a well known drone manufacturer that was one of the first consumer quadcopter pioneers. The Parrot AR 2.0 Drone makes the list for best quadcopter under 200 dollars because of it’s reliability, durability, and ease of flying.

Let’s be clear – this drone won’t take pictures that will win a bunch of awards, but what it lacks in camera definition (720p video), it makes up for in ruggedness and ease of use. Users have mentioned that it’s easy to fly and can handle multiple crashes with no problems. It’s a light drone that has a covered propelled design which makes flight safer for everyone.

Users download an app onto their phone and use the phone as the remote control. It has a decent 10 minute battery life and the connection to the drone is WiFi based so the range is fairly limited. It’s a good drone for flying around the backyard or park, but not for long range missions.

It’s a good pick (and rightfully deserves a spot on the best quadcopter under 200 list) for a first time drone, but read on because our #1 recommendation will get you way more bang for your buck!

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    Price - $140 (refurbished)

    Basic features for an affordable price.

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    Maximum Range - 50 Meters

    WiFi based transmission limits performance here.

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    Flight Time - 10 Minutes

    10 minutes is pretty good, expect a reduction in windy conditions.

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    Camera - 720p

    Users have reviewed the footage as poor when exported to larger screens

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    Weight & Size

    THis drone weighs 0.9 LBs and measures 23″ x 23″ x 5″

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4. Air Hogs Helix Sentinel

Best quadcopter under 200 Air Hogs Sentinel

AirHogs is a well recognized name in the RC and toy helicopter industry and have entertained kids for decades. The AirHogs Helix Sentinel Drone is the latest AirHogs advancement and is one of the top entries for best quadcopter under 200 dollars that we could find.

The thing that makes this drone stand out is it’s inclusion of special goggles that let the user have an immersive first person view (FPV) flying experience that simulates you being in the cockpit! The drone streams live HD video right to your device via an app. There is also decent obstacle avoidance technology as well as altitude holding technology so that you don’t have to worry about crashing as much as a less capable drone. We think this is definitely a best quadcopter under 200 dollars for kids and parents who might just be getting into flying quadcopters for the first time.

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    Price - $168

    Air Hogs recently slashed this price from $199!

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    Maximum Range - 60 meters

    Not as far as some of it’s competitors, but good for flying around the backyard.

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    Flight Time - 5 to 8 minutes

    Battery life is limited but good for quick flights.

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    Camera - 720p WiFi Streaming

    The camera streams live video to your mobile device!

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    Weight & Size

    The entire case is about 9 LBs and the drone is fairly small

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3. UDI U28-1

Best quadcopter under 200 UDI U28-1

The UDI U28-1 is a very easy to fly drone as it comes with headless mode that does not require the drone operator to make any adjustments to the position before flying it in the air. The quadcopter and its controller synchronize quickly, which makes it excellent for displaying FPV live footage on its 4 inch LCD screen. The drone is capable of performing amazing stunts, rolls and flips with a little practice as well.

Another great feature is that there’s a low battery alarm that flashes when the drone is running out of power. This gives the operator one minute time to land the gadget safely, thereby preventing it from falling off. It comes with a fairly weak 2 mega pixel camera that allows its user to capture basic aerial images and videos. However, the user can capture excellent quality photos and videos in 720p HD quality on a 4GB Micro SD card. Besides, the camera can be easily switched from medium to high and low speed rates that make it an excellent option for all kinds of drone users.

For those lookingto buy a drone under 150 dollars, the UDI U28-1 does really well. It has first person view, aerial acrobatics, and an okay battery life. However, for those looking to step up their photo and video game, keep reading for our true #1 best quadcopter under 200 dollars!

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    Price - $149.95

    For a beginner drone, this price is very reasonable.

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    Maximum Range - 50 meters

    Should be enough for most racing capabilities.

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    Flight Time - 7 Minutes

    The UDI U28-1comes with 2 batteries. Each takes 90 minutes to charge.

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    Camera - 720p FPV

    This drone syncs instantly to alive screen feed on the controller

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    Weight & Size

    The weight is 440 grams and the frame is 252x260x75mm

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Best Quadcopter Under 200 DBPower UDI U842

The DBpower UDI U842 is a capable and reliable quadcopter that has a decent battery life and solid camera technology. It has several features that make it easy to use including “headless mode” which allows the operator to control it easily based on whichever direction the drone is heading. You get the ability to take both photos and videos, and can be controlled via your mobile device using an app. The low power alarm is great for knowing when you need to pack it up and land before losing power. It takes a little practice to get used to, but even beginner pilots can learn to make it flip and perform aerial tricks in no time.

The package from Amazon includes plenty of extras like an additional battery and extra propellers, so you can stay in the skies for twice as long. It’s a good idea to be charging one battery while out flying the second to save time between charges. Users have reviewed that they love the footage and have plenty of positive experiences with kids using the drone successfully. Keep in mind that this drone does need to be registered with the FAA and that batteries for the remote control are not included. This drone is a great way to explore aerial flight without breaking the bank on a more expensive drone. This quadcopter from DPPower makes a clear statement that the UDI U842 deserves to be ranked among the best quadcopter under 200 dollars.

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    Price - $140

    Coming in at under $150, this drone could save you a few bucks!

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    Maximum Range - 80 meters

    Video transmission cuts out around 30 meters

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    Flight Time - 6 to 9 minutes

    You should be able to get a decent fight from each battery. Downside is that charging takes 150 minutes per battery.

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    Camera - 720p

    You’ll see the video feed live right on your mobile device via an app!

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    Weight & Size

    The weight is 12.6 oz and the size is 19″x19″x5″

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1. Holy Stone HS300

Best QUadcopter Under 200 Holy Stone HS300

Our #1 recommended, best quadcopter under 200 dollars is the Holy Stone HS300. Holy Stone is one of the best drone manufacturers for intermediate and beginner drones. They consistently raise the bar by adding more and more features at very competitive prices.

With a decent flight time, 1080p HD video and 5MP camera, the HS300 can capture decent aerial video and pictures that can impress your friends and family. One of the best features is altitude hold, which enables the drone to hover in place without the pilot having to constantly raise it. Holy Stone moved the propellers out a bit wider, which give this drone increased stability and the ability to capture smooth video.

We also see some great features in this drone that help the first time pilot out, like a low battery alarm, headless flight mode for better control, and an array of lights to make the drone more visible. This drone does not feature FPV or GPS technology, however, those features are typically not necessary for beginner pilots and increase the price of drones above the 200 dollar mark. Of course we like the propeller guards for increased safety as well, as this drone is designed for use by kids as young as 10 years old. It ven comes with a 4GB SD card and 2x batteries that help keep pilots in the air longer.

We personally recommend this drone to friends and family that are looking for a unique and long lasting gift to share during birthdays or the holiday season.

We believe the Holy Stone HS300 is clearly the best quadcopter under 200 dollars that you can get today!

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    Price - $199.99

    The most capable quadcopter under 200 dollars. Period.

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    Maximum Range - 150 meters

    Automatic altitude hold helps get the most out of your range.

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    Flight Time - 9 minutes

    You’re going to use all of them with the HD camera mount!

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    Camera - 1080P HD

    The most high def drone camera we’ve seen for under 200 dollars.

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    Weight & Size

    The weight is 1.6 LB and the dimensions are 19″x19″x7.5″

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