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DJI Phantom 3 Standard Instagram Review

Phantom 3 Standard

  • Connector.

    12 MP / 1080p

    Great specs for aerial photography and video beginners

  • Connector.

    Easy to Learn

    App based software makes this drone great for beginners

  • Connector.

    500 Meter Range

    Plenty of range for those just starting out

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DJI Mavic Pro Instagram Review

Mavic Pro

  • Connector.

    12 MP / 4K

    Excellent camera and portability means more flying!

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    Extremely Portable

    Foldable arms make it smaller than a brick and able to fit in a purse

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    3.1 Mile Range

    More than enough range for most users

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Instagram Review

Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+

  • Connector.

    20 MP / 4K

    A new 1″ sensor + f stop adjustment means crystal clear shots

  • Connector.

    Intelligent Software

    +7 obstacle sensors, activetrack software, and more!

  • Connector.

    4.3 Mile Range

    Ability to switch transmission channels and crazy range

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All-in-one. Pro level aerial filmmaking.

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